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The Benefits of Outdoor Dining in the Fall

Outdoor patio seating at a small local restaurant in Springfield, Illinois.

Dining Al Fresco comes from Italy and loosely means “in cool air.” In the states, the saying has become a popular saying meaning outdoor dining. With the beautiful fall season here, there isn’t a better dining experience than dining Al Fresco. At Loukinens’ on 4th, we offer beautiful patio seating so you can enjoy dining Al Fresco. With a beautiful view of the Governor’s mansion, our divine food and service can create a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Before winter arrives, experience dining on our outdoor patio! Call us today at (217) 670-1363 to book your table!

You Get to Enjoy the Fresh Air

Who doesn’t love a bit of fresh air? A change of atmosphere can make all of the difference. Enjoying your meal outdoors on our outdoor patio can make your experience with us more enjoyable. We all know that the outdoors has many health benefits for us, so why not take your meal outdoors during the most beautiful season of the year. We recommend dining with us during sunset while enjoying a nice glass of wine, you simply won’t regret it.

Plate of food ready to be enjoyed while dining outdoors at a small local restaurant in Springfield, IL.

The Outdoors is Soothing

The atmosphere outdoors during the fall is the definition of soothing. The nice crisp cool air surrounded by fall leaves can create a soothing dining experience. Research shows that dining outside can keep your blood pressure and heart rate in control. Who knew outdoor dining had so many great benefits! Whether you love the outdoors or just need a calming dining experience to take a breath, we have our outdoor patio seating waiting for you!

Get a Great View of the City

We are located in the heart of Springfield, Illinois, with a great view of the governor’s mansion. Just a short walk away is Lincoln Home, Dana Thomas House, and the Illinois State Museum. With the great weather, a lot is happening in the area such as the fall festival and the old Capitol Farmers Market. Loukinens’ on 4th is the best place to stop by after a long day enjoying the city. With the fall leaves and cool air, there isn’t a better way to end your day than dining on our outdoor patio with extraordinary food.

Friends enjoying outdoor dining at a local restaurant in Springfield, Illinois.

Creates a Great Dining Experience With Friends

When meeting up with friends for lunch or dinner, an outdoor dining experience can make all the difference! With great food, beer, and wine in addition to the great fall weather, our outdoor patio seating can be the best place to host your next get-together. Dining Al Fresco creates a fun atmosphere that you can’t get indoors. If you have questions about our outdoor dining experience, you can contact us today!

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