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At Loukinens’ on 4th, we value our customers and strive to provide a one-of-a-kind dine-in experience. We appreciate the continuous support from our local community as well as customers who are visiting the area. Chef Keith Loukinen has a passion to create extraordinary dishes that are sure to surprise your tastebuds. For a casual, upscale dining experience, Loukinens’ on 4TH is the perfect place! Here are some of our customer testimonial highlights, featuring their latest dining experience at Loukinens’ on 4TH

Customer Testimonial #1: Gina Guillotte

“The service and food was absolutely perfect! We had our 3 kids with us, and they were treated so well also. I would go back anytime!”

We want to offer a great dining experience for everyone. Our servers are trained and experienced to provide an impressionable dining experience that you won’t forget. Chef Loukinen loves to experiment with flavors to stimulate your palate, even children are offered child-friendly dishes they will love! Call us today at (217) 670-1363 to reserve your next family dinner!

Customer Testimonial #2: Allie Kitchens

Elegant table setting at a restaurant in Springfield, Illinois.

“My fiancé took us here for our Valentine’s Day dinner, and we had a fantastic time. The food was delicious, and I would highly recommend the jumbo sea scallops. The best aspect of this restaurant, hands down, is the service. From the time we entered Loukinens’ On 4TH, we felt welcomed. Our waiter was exceptional and gave great recommendations. Will definitely return in the future!”

Our fine dining experience is perfect for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays! We also offer a private dining room for meetings, receptions, banquets, and more! Our private dining room can host up to 100 people and we offer a special menu for the occasion!

Customer Testimonial #3: Jill M.

“Cauliflower appetizer is to die for!! I had the roast beef sandwich, and it was FANTASTIC!! Excellent service. Excellent staff. Will definitely return!!!”

Chef Loukinen has a reputation for creating a surprise twist on their dishes that has built an impressive reputation with the city. We offer lunch, dinner, and amazing desserts that will not disappoint! We turn ordinary into extraordinary at Loukinens’ on 4TH. For the foodies out there, we recommend stopping by to try our feature of the day!

Customer Testimonial #4: Ira Bornstein

: Five-star steak dinner paired with wine at an elegant restaurant in Springfield, Illinois.

“This is an incredible restaurant! The website and social media presence don’t do it justice. Food is creatively prepared, and delicious. The setting is bright and attractive, with ideal views of the Governor’s mansion, and the park. Service from Lavontre was top-notch. One of our best meals ever!”

We are located near the governor’s mansion and offer beautiful patio dining that can give you a great view of the mansion. If the weather is great, you can enjoy one of our fine dishes complimented with a nice glass of wine on our outdoor patio. Are you interested in what dishes we offer? Check out our menu!

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