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15 Surprising Food Trends for This Upcoming Winter

A variety of new, delicious meals to try. There is so much to sample with the fantastic recent food trends of 2022.

Are you wondering what the latest food trends are for 2022? If you’re a foodie, you’re probably always excited to try the newest food fads each year. 2022 is bringing many healthy changes, but don’t worry—the food still tastes amazing! Check out these 15 surprising food trends for this upcoming winter, and get your tastebuds excited to sample these edible crazes that are sure to add spice to your life!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Restaurants are starting to offer more inspired drinks and mocktails to meet the interest of their customers. More people abstain from alcohol during the week and are looking for alternative beverages to drive home and get up for work the next day. If that’s the case, you can enjoy virgin mocktails, tea, ginger beer, fruit coolers, Italian sodas, and many other options.

Comfort Food

Warm, delicious comfort food is making a comeback this year, from mac and cheese and pot pies to hearty stews and meatloaf like mother used to make. Look for these nostalgic dishes to reemerge as winter approaches and people long for meals that provide warmth and comfort.

Tea Time

Tea time isn’t only for the posh British citizens to enjoy. More often these days, Americans take a (tea) leaf from the British book and set aside time to enjoy a nice cup of tea. During the pandemic, many people have cut back on alcohol and gathered in small groups for a simple tea party. What beats a warm, comforting cup of tea and a delicious scone with friends? Keep an eye out for kombucha to become more popular.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are enjoying a comeback, as people are finding new ways to enjoy them. For example, add them to crackers, salads, and soups for an extra nutty flavor and delightful crunch. Some even grind them up and put them in desserts like cake and ice cream.

Sunflower Butter

Something you may not have tried before is sunflower butter, an up-and-coming peanut butter alternative. Whole Foods is offering a Fix & Fogg Oaty Nut Butter made from sunflower butter, and they predict it will be very popular in 2022. Ben & Jerry’s has also jumped on the bandwagon by releasing four non-dairy ice cream flavors this year – all made with sunflower butter.

Superfood Powders

Superfood powders have been around for a while, but the trend continues to grow and evolve yearly. New superfoods are constantly being added, with the latest trends being maca root, mushroom powder, cacao, and ground turmeric. You can add these foods and powders to omelets, smoothies, lattes, and more!

Cottage Foods

Cottage foods are described thus because they are foods you can pick up at your local farmer’s market, like homemade jams, cookies, pies, and pickled fruits and vegetables. These foods emphasize fresh and seasonal ingredients, all sourced locally, which has become increasingly important to people who want to know exactly where their food comes from.

Good for Your Gut Foods

Many people struggle with aversions to food that they may not even know about, or they have a disagreeable gut that makes eating certain foods difficult. More research is being done on foods that are good for your gut, like pickled, fermented, or containing probiotics. This helps manage weight and combat some diseases. 2022 is about making smarter, healthier choices!

Plant-Based Everything

Plant-based foods continue to grow in popularity as vegetarianism and veganism are constantly gaining followers with no signs of slowing down. We have many more options now for salads and dishes with fruits and vegetables. For example, veggie burgers and mushroom bacon can be pretty delicious. In addition, there are now seafood options made from plants, like salmon and tuna sashimi. Also, be sure to try vegan ice cream and cauliflower pizza!

Oyster Mushrooms

One food getting the star treatment this year is oyster mushrooms. They have a mild flavor, which can easily be enhanced when cooking. Try to stir-fry or sauté for the best flavors. Bonus points; they are high in protein and vitamin-rich, so you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying this tasty dish.

Unhealthy Dishes Reinvented

Americans are all too aware of all the unhealthy dishes out there. Almost every food has added sugar or fat to add flavor, but there are so many alternatives to ingredients that are bad for your health these days. Many restaurants are reinventing unhealthy dishes and making healthier alternatives by replacing sugar, salt, dairy, and gluten with cauliflower, dates, mushrooms, and soy.

Alternative Kinds of Milk

In 2022, there are so many milk alternatives, and each is enjoying popularity. The classically popular are almond and soy milks, but now there are other options on the market, including milk made from nuts, potatoes, and peas. Potato milk is a trend in China and some parts of Europe, so expect it to make a splash in the US soon!

Zero-Waste Cooking

There is quite a strain on our food supplies and natural resources, which will only increase as our population does, so a new fad emerging to help that problem is zero-waste cooking. Many people and even restaurants try harder to use every bit of the plant or animal in the cooking, so nothing is wasted. For example, find second uses for chicken bones in broths or transform vegetable leaves into garnishes for your dish.

Ghost Kitchens

What is a ghost kitchen? They’ve become more popular during the pandemic because kitchens are designed to cook and prepare food, but only for delivery. These were useful during the lockdown, but they may stick around even after the pandemic is over. People love convenience, especially when it comes to their food. Within the next decade, the industry could even reach a trillion-dollar value. Check out Virtual Kitchens on Yelp!

Smaller Menus

Another trend due to the pandemic is restaurants offering smaller menus to ease the stress on their diminished cooking staff. However, we think this trend may last as many restaurants have still been successful, and many customers appreciate fewer options but better-quality food.

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