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How to Store Fresh Herbs

A variety of fresh herbs waiting to be washed and stored correctly in Springfield, IL.

If you like to prepare your meals and are passionate about eating natural, healthy meals, you may be wondering the best way to store your herbs to ensure they stay fresh. Of course, it depends on the kind of herbs you have, but you can follow our guide below. Loukinens’ on 4th has experience working with the freshest ingredients to make our delicious dishes. Contact us with your questions, or come by if you’d like to taste our delicious food and get inspired to make your own at home!

Wash Your Herbs

The first step you should take with your herbs, like any fresh foods, is washing them. You can do this effectively by filling a bowl or salad spinner with cold water. Next, gently swirl the herbs in the water to loosen and detach debris. After a few minutes, you can drain the water and set the herbs on a layer of paper towels to dry, patting gently with another paper towel or napkin to blot away and absorb any excess moisture. Once your herbs are satisfactorily dry, they are ready to be stored so you can use them when you’re ready.

Best Way to Store Hardy Herbs

When you have hardy herbs, like rosemary, thyme, sage, or chives, the best way to store them is to arrange them lengthwise on a slightly wet paper towel. You should then roll them up and transfer the wrap to a plastic bag with a zipper lock. You could also wrap it in plastic wrap if that’s what you have available. The last step is to find a place in your refrigerator so you can store the herbs there to keep them cool and fresh. This effective method allows convenient access to your spices to retrieve them when you need them for your next dish. You can count on them remaining fresh for about two weeks.

Best Way to Store Tender Herbs

When you have tender herbs, like parsley, cilantro, dill, mint, tarragon, or chervil, the best way to store them is to do a little pruning. First, we recommend cutting off the bases of the stems and removing any wilted or off-color leaves. You can then move the herbs to a jar after filling it with an inch of water at the bottom. After that, seal the jar with the lid or cover the top with plastic wrap, as long as it is tight and secure. The last step is to store your herbs in the refrigerator once again to keep them fresh for as long as possible. You can expect the lifespan of these herbs to be between 2-3 weeks.

Best Way to Store Basil

Probably the most common herb used in preparing meals is basil. With basil specifically, you want to follow these guidelines, as this herb is a special type. Begin by snipping off the bases of the stems and transferring the herbs as a bunch to a jar or vase with 1-2 inches of water inside, much like you would treat a fresh bouquet. There is no need to seal this container or store it in the refrigerator. Instead, you’ll want to keep this herb at room temperature. Find a light area, but don’t put it in direct sunlight, as you might with other plants. Your basil will be open and easily accessible whenever you need it.

Instead of Cooking, Treat Yourself to a Meal Prepared Just for You

Most herbs, when properly stored, have an average lifespan of 2-3 weeks. Follow these guidelines, and you will optimize the freshness of your herbs and help them stay fresh for as long as possible. However, when you don’t feel like cooking but still want to eat fresh, healthy, delicious food, we suggest coming to our location in Springfield, IL. Loukinens’ on 4th has many delicious meals on our extensive menu that we could love for you to sample. We have Manchurian Style Cauliflower, Stuffed Chicken Florentine, and a variety of soups, pasta, and salads, where you will likely recognize some of your favorite herbs! Contact us today at 217.670.1363 if you have any questions or want to make a reservation.

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