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5 Food Trends You Won’t Be Able to Get Away From in 2023

A plate of brownies sits next to cocoa powder and a cup of baking chocolate chips, presenting the image of a new food trend in Springfield, IL.

The patterns of what people love to eat are constantly shifting, so each new year brings new food trends to enjoy. If you’re interested in what is popular in 2022, read about the top 5 food trends we’re experiencing and what we can expect. Or, if you want the dining out experience, come to Loukinens’ on 4th in Springfield, IL, and we’ll cater to the needs of your taste buds.

Sustainable Foods

Sustainability was a crucial element of many food trends in the year 2022, and that will continue in 2023. The movement will hopefully continue to grow significantly due to the availability of farmed ingredients with growing methods that are more responsible. At the forefront will be grains and other crops grown with consciousness towards soil health. 2023 will see an increased interest in more environmentally-mindful options like plant-forward dining as well as non-meat alternatives for sources of protein. Loukinens’ on 4th has many varieties of unique dishes available on our extensive menu.

Healthy Pasta

One of the most popular comfort dishes is pasta, but 2023 will see a trend that pushes for healthier versions of your favorite dishes. In addition to Italy’s influences, you can expect other international flavors from Turkey, North Africa, and Eastern Europe to show up this year. The shift will be towards healthier-based ingredients, grains, and legumes, including flax and chickpeas. You may also see sauces and toppings prepared with plant-based ingredients.

Tropical Flavors

2023 can expect a mixture of traditional and tropical island ingredients to create a popular food trend. We will see a rise in already popular foods like passionfruit and pineapple, as well as bolder options like Caribbean spices and coconut curry that will help turn simple dishes into more unique and adventurous dining experiences. Beverage flavors are expected to shift towards floral and fruity flavors as well. Call Loukinens’ on 4th at 217.670.1363 if you want to know about what tropical flavors we have to offer your tastebuds.

Alternative Chocolates

Most people love chocolate, but we’re still learning about what we can do with it and the different flavors we can experiment with using this popular favorite food. 2023 will see new flavors and colors like ruby and gold that will add a sense of elegance to the typical chocolate experience. Ruby chocolate has a berry flavor profile that is both sweet and tart, while golden chocolate possesses notes of toffee and caramel instead. We expect many chefs and homemakers to experiment with these new flavors in their creations.

Spicy Baked Goods

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, a different food trend might be more to your taste, and one that is rising in popularity is spicy baked goods. Heating traditional sweet bakes with hot spices like cayenne and chipotle can create a new and exciting taste sensation. Some dishes that continue to rise in popularity are cayenne cupcakes, chili raspberry bakes, and Mexican hot chocolate. So why not liven up your regular dishes and enjoy the flavors of sweet and spicy working together? Contact Loukinen’s on 4th to inquire about the delicious desserts we provide, both traditional and unique.

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