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The Best Portable Food to Try with Your Family

A woman in business clothing eating food on the go while holding a coffee in her hand and walking down a city street in Springfield, IL.

When it comes to dining in Springfield, IL with your family, sometimes you’ve got to take your food to go. Having portable dinner menu options ensures that everyone is well-fed and happy. There’s no delay in traveling from one location to the next because the food you’ve chosen for lunch dining travels well.

Food You Can Eat While on the Go

Sometimes, you don’t have time to visit the dinner buffet. You need something fast, affordable, and filling. You don’t need to forgo flavor and quality, though, for a portable bite to eat. You can skip the fast food and instead order from a gourmet restaurant with its banquet hall. Some of the best portable food to try with your family includes:


Delicious Caribbean Jerk Mahi Mahi Tacos with fries, soup, and alcohol that can be eaten on the go in Springfield, IL.

The Caribbean Jerk Mahi Mahi Tacos don’t disappoint. Filled with slaw, mango salsa, jalapeno, and a chipotle crema sauce, these soft-shell tacos are seasoned to perfection and easy to eat while on the go. Looking for a fish taco combo? Our shrimp tacos are filling, delicious, and easily contained by a tortilla that serves as a vessel for the food. A seafood taco is another easy way to eat while traveling.


Sandwiches are a classic on-the-go option for guests who aren’t able to dine in. At Loukinens’ on 4th, we have a variety of sandwich options to choose from including The Cheesy, our classic Roast Beef Dip, the New Orleans Style Shrimp Po’Boy, and of course, a hand-carved Reuben. If your mouth is watering, place an order over the phone and pick it up in no time.


Piled high with toppings, there’s a protein for everyone to enjoy. From turkey and crab burgers to traditional beef, we’ve got options that satisfy your every craving for something hot, fresh, and portable at Loukinens’ on 4th in Springfield, IL.

Enjoy Your Portable Meals Outside or On the Go

A delicious sandwich and fries that are great for portable meals on the go in Springfield, IL.

Springfield, IL offers many options for restaurants with chef specials. It’s important to locate one that includes a feature of the day that’s portable. Doing so makes it possible for you to feed everyone in the family something they enjoy without the fuss of making dinner reservations. You can enjoy the convenience of eating a local restaurant’s food without the need to dine in whatsoever.

When you do have time to eat at the restaurant, you can explore outdoor dining. There’s patio seating for you to use at your discretion. You can take your lunch menu outside and place an order for steak whenever you have the opportunity to enjoy it. Patio dining is available when you want to slow down and enjoy a meal with your family before dashing off to another activity.

Visit Loukinens’ on 4th for Easy-to-Eat Meals for Families On-the-Go

Loukinens’ on 4th offers Springfield, IL families portable food options to choose from today. Call 217-670-1363 to explore the different menu items that are great for business meetings and family get-togethers, too, which you can host as banquets in our banquet hall. When it comes to easy food, no one does it better than us! Enjoy outstanding menu options that you can eat wherever you feel the most comfortable dining.

Enjoy easy food in our outdoor dining area. It allows you to get in, sit down, and eat quickly. If you don’t want to take your food to go, you can at least save yourself the hassle of waiting for a table to free up in the main dining area. Outdoor seating may be the better option if you have small children who don’t like being around loud noises due to a crowded restaurant.

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