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The Benefits of Allergy-Friendly Lunchboxes

Healthy allergy-friendly lunchbox meals made with food from Loukinens’ on 4th in Springfield, IL.

When it comes to eating out of your home, allergies are a huge factor in which restaurant you choose. The term “allergy-friendly lunchbox” is fairly recent and doesn’t necessarily mean an actual lunchbox; instead, it refers to a delicious meal that is crafted with allergy-friendly ingredients for those who are intolerant. At Loukinens’ on 4th, we take pride in knowing that our menu has a variety of allergy-friendly lunchboxes for all of our customers to enjoy.

While looking over our lunch menu, you will find a variety of items that are free of common allergy ingredients including nuts, shellfish, dairy, and more. Prepare in advance for delicious allergy-friendly lunchbox meals when you make a reservation at our restaurant today. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of allergy-friendly lunchboxes.

Delicious allergy-friendly slider entrée being served on an outdoor patio in Springfield, IL.

What Makes Lunchboxes Allergy-Friendly

If you have a mind or severe allergy to a common food group or item, chances are, finding delicious meals to choose from at a local restaurant can be almost impossible. Our lunch and dinner menus at Loukinens’ on 4th provide guests with options for to-go meals to take home, on a picnic, or to stuff in your lunchbox for work the next day. These allergy-friendly lunchbox creations are some of our most popular selections and can be ordered at any time!

We recommend reviewing our restaurant’s entrées before your arrival to save time before ordering. If you’re planning on eating in our banquet room with your guests, you’ll be able to make dinner reservations and discuss your unique needs with our restaurant so that we can make sure to meet them satisfactorily.

Choose Delicious Meals Without Worry

Whether you’re packing lunches for a weekend getaway or going into the office, it’s important to pick food groups that work around your allergies. At Loukinens’ on 4th in Springfield, IL, we offer a variety of entrées that are perfect for packing your lunchbox! You can either dine-in at our restaurant the night before and take your leftovers home, or preorder your lunch to go so that you have a perfect allergy-free meal waiting for you.

All of our meals are prepared fresh so that you never have to worry about cross-contamination of hazardous foods that often come with self-serve-style restaurants. Dine and eat with complete confidence when you choose our allergy-free options today!

Salmon and allergy-friendly rice served on an outdoor dining room table in Springfield, IL.

Keep Attendees of Your Meeting or Banquet Safe with Allergy-Free Food Options

Are you hosting an event in our banquet hall? Keep your attendees with allergies safe with quality meals at Loukinens’ on 4th in Springfield, IL. Learn which chef specials are allergen-friendly, and find out more about our patio seating and outdoor dining. Give our staff a call today at (217) 670-1363, and schedule a dining experience that lets you and your guests eat stress-free.

Visit Loukinens’ on 4th for A Variety of Food Options

Whether you’re dining in our banquet hall or our family-friendly dining room, we offer a variety of food options for you and your party to choose from. From tender Chicken Caprese to juicy Crab Burgers, our kitchen has an allergy-free option for all of our guests to enjoy. Explore our menu in-depth by looking online for what we’re serving each season. If you have any questions about what dishes are popular with our guests that have known food allergies, don’t hesitate to reach out before your reservation.

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