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10 Weird Foods That Have Made Their Way into People’s Plates

An exuberant chef in Springfield, IL prepares to make unique dishes for customers brave enough to try weird foods.

Many cultures have weird foods that some people would never want to try; however, if you’re adventurous enough, you may just like some of these exotic foods others may not have the nerve to taste. If you’ve been to France, you may have had the experience of trying escargot. Perhaps you’ve tried Chinese Chicken Feet or Fried Tarantulas. Or maybe you haven’t had any of these weird foods. Here are ten bizarre foods that have made their way into people’s plates you may have never heard of.

Fried Alligator on a Stick

This fried treat is popular in Louisiana restaurants but is also a favorite at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield. It is deep-fried and skewered on a stick at the fair, teriyaki style. Those who have enjoyed it say it is similar to veal in texture but tastes similar to pork. It has also been described as a healthy alternative to French fries because it contains nutrients.

Road Kill

Roadkill is a term used for unfortunate animals killed by cars on the road. In Montana, the meat from these animals can be used in all sorts of dishes, from stews and casseroles to tacos and sandwiches. If you order it at the Illinois State Fair, however, you’ll get the deep-fried dough in the shape of a dead possum and decorated with syrup to resemble blood. Perhaps more palatable, though unique cuisine either way.

Provel Cheese

This cheese has been described as one of the weirdest foods in the world. However, it is popular in St Louis, Missouri and the combination of flavors makes it unusual. You’ll experience Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, and liquid smoke when you eat Provel cheese. It’s often put on nachos, pizza, or casseroles.

Poop on a Shingle

Don’t worry—this dish hasn’t already been digested. The hilariously unique name only refers to how the food appears. It is made with your preferred ground meat such as beef, pork, or lamb. The concept is to create an open-faced sandwich and put the browned meat on top, mixed with cream of mushroom soup. It may not look appetizing, but those who have tried this fun dish say it’s delicious!

Frog Legs

Frog Legs became popular in America during the 1920s when restaurants started serving them as a delicacy. They can be boiled, pan-fried, or sautéed, and they’re often filled with either garlic butter or Hollandaise sauce. Some describe the taste as “slimy,” but plenty of people love them!

Fried Rattlesnake

One of the most popular menu items in certain Oklahoma restaurants and festivals is fried rattlesnake. This animal is another that’s considered a delicacy, and snake meat itself is high in protein and relatively low in fat and calories. Of course, this strange food can be made differently, but it’s often battered in flour and deep-fried. Don’t worry—snake venom must enter a human’s bloodstream to pose any danger, so it’s safe to eat this snake.

Chocolate-Covered Grasshoppers

A popular snack in the state of Colorado is chocolate-covered grasshoppers. This bizarre food is precisely what it sounds like—a combination of chocolate and crunch insects. It’s a favorite among locals and tourists since they’re usually sold at fairs and festivals.

Beef Tongue

An odd thing to find on your plate is something that can taste YOU! Beef tongue is a strange dish you can see in the states of Texas and Hawaii. The beef tongue is braised in a sauce made from stock, carrots, celery, and onions and cooked until tender, but since it’s a rather fatty cut of meat, you should eat it in moderation… if you’re brave enough to try it.

Cactus Fries

If you’re in Arizona, you might want to try their delicious and healthy alternative to French fries. Cactus fries are a popular snack made by cutting a cactus into thin strips and frying them in oil until they’re crispy, like traditional friends. They’re loaded with nutrients; you can enjoy them with ranch, salsa, or ketchup.

Brain Sandwich

If you thought eating a tongue was weird, wait until you see the last item on the list: the brain sandwich. In some parts of the world, an animal’s brain is considered a delicacy. In this dish, the brain is marinated in a spicy sauce and served between two pieces of bread. It’s described as having a delicate texture and a slightly nutty taste. Unfortunately, there is no evidence yet to prove that ingesting the brain makes you smarter… but those who have tried it are certainly braver than most!

Visit Loukinens’ on 4th

While you won’t find brain or tongue at Loukinens’ on 4th, we do provide our own exciting and delectable dishes. If you are in the mood for unique flavors, delicious cuisine, and elegant presentation, call our restaurant at 217.670.1363 to make a reservation or come to our location in Springfield, IL. Treat yourself to an exceptional night of dinner, drinks, and ambiance. Look through some of the unique items on our extensive menu and try to deny how tempted your tastebuds are! Be sure to also ask about our Children’s Menu. We have something for everyone—the adventurous, the curious, and the picky eaters. Contact us today, and we’ll whisk you away on a culinary journey you’ll never forget!

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