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The Best Foods to Make for Your Upcoming Summer BBQ

Family and friends at a residential home in Springfield, IL grilling kabobs and other BBQ foods recommended by a local restaurant.

If you’re like many busy people, you’d rather make dinner reservations at Loukinens’ on 4tha banquet hall and local restaurant with patio seating, than host a backyard BBQ. However, if throwing a summer barbecue for family, friends, and neighbors has become a tradition in your life, you may feel obligated to carry on. However, perhaps you want to do something different besides the same old thing this year. If you’re short on inspiration, the following are five foods fit for the finest of banquets and guaranteed to impress guests and satisfy taste buds at your upcoming summer BBQ.

Barbecued Salmon

Although barbecue is mostly paired with either cold beer or iced sweet tea, barbecued salmon is an upscale choice that you can serve with a crisp, white wine. To bring a festive note to the table, you could also consider pairing it with an ice-cold sparkling pinot noir. No matter how it’s prepared, salmon is always an excellent choice for outdoor dining. 

Barbecued Brisket 

A homeowner in Springfield, IL cutting a perfectly cut brisket at a home BBQ with recommendations from a local restaurant.

Cooked low and slow Texas-style, barbecued brisket is an excellent choice if you’ve got a large guest list and plenty of outdoor seating in your backyard. Brisket got its start in the chuck wagons of the Old West, where cooks on cattle drives had to find ways to make the worst cuts of beef taste sublime. Brisket has come a long way from its humble beginnings and is featured in some of the best restaurants in the country.

Barbecued Lamb

Barbecued lamb is commonly found on the dinner menus of upscale BBQ restaurants such as Loukinens’ on 4th — the kind with romantic patio seating complete with overhead fairy lights. It’s known for being so tender that it falls off the fork, so be sure to supply your guests with lots of disposable bibs. 

Barbecued Chicken

A close-up image of BBQ chicken on the grill at a residential summer BBQ in Springfield, IL.

You’ll find barbecued chicken on the lunch menu of any self-respecting lunch restaurant that prides itself on a top-quality barbecue. Whether your backyard bash is scheduled for lunch dining or whether you plan on taking the crowd out to a restaurant in Springfield, IL, you can’t go wrong by having plenty of this on hand. 

Barbecued Vegan Kebabs

These days, there’s bound to be at least one vegan in every crowd, so be sure to include vegan kebabs on your list of foods to serve at your event. Vegan kebabs are perfect for lunch or dinner and are tasty enough to please even the most diehard meat lovers. 

Sometimes planning a barbecue party with friends or family can become overwhelming with the many BBQ options to consider – which is why Loukinens’ on 4th would be a great place to host your annual summer celebration! Please feel free to contact our Springfield, IL, restaurant, or call us at 217.670.1363 for more inspiration on making the most of your upcoming special event. 

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