• Springfield Illinois: Five Egg Dishes That Won’t Break Your Budget

    March 15, 2021 | Blogs
  • Male chef cracking eggs into a bowl while making breakfast in Springfield, Illinois.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is what gives you energy and is a great way to start the morning. Perhaps the most common breakfast item is eggs, and luckily for you, we know a lot of great ways to make them to bring diverse plates that are affordable and tasty. Read below to learn about our favorite egg recipes from your egg loving friends at Loukinens’ on Fourth in Springfield, Illinois.

    Homemade Egg Muffin Sandwich

    The Egg McMuffin® from McDonald’s has changed breakfast for so many of us. Not only does it combine our breakfast favorites into one muffin sandwich, but it also provides a fast meal to receive for those who don’t have time to cook breakfast before work. However, wouldn’t it be revolutionary to learn how to make them from home? If you have all the necessary ingredients, this delicious breakfast can be made in roughly 10 minutes!

    Ingredients include:
    Unsalted Butter,  1 English Muffin, Canadian Bacon, Nonstick Cooking Spray, Egg, Salt, Black Pepper, 1 Slice of Cheese

    For the full, detailed recipe, discover how Chef Culinary Advisor J. Kenji López-Alt makes his delicious homemade Egg Muffin breakfast sandwich.

     An delicious omelet souffle, served on a white plate with silverware. Soufflé Omelet with Cheese

    Traditional soufflés are not challenging to bake, but they do take time to cook perfectly. However, a soufflé omelet brings you the same airy texture but isn’t as time consuming. If you have eggs, cheese, a hot pan a little bit of cooking technique, then you will soon have the perfect soufflé.

    As far as ingredients goes, you will need:
    Large Eggs, Salt & Pepper, Grated Gruyere Cheese, Fresh Chives, Unsalted Butter

    Discover the full recipe here.

    3. Steamed Boiled Eggs to Perfection

    For the best evenly cooked “hard boiled” eggs, skip the boiling water and opt for a steamer instead. Steamed boiled eggs cook more gently and are easier to peel. Cooking eggs in steaming water is a gentle way of cooking them and doesn’t risk cracking. In total, they can be done in 20 minutes all you need is a tray of ice cubes and eggs. Click here for directions on how to steam your eggs to perfection.

    A plate of delicious poached eggs to enjoy for breakfast in Springfield, Illinois.4. Poached Eggs

    Whether you want to make eggs benedict or you just like poached eggs, follow this foolproof method and you’ll get perfectly cooked poached eggs with clean whites and golden yolks that are ideal for your breakfast adventure.

    These poached eggs don’t even require vinegar, all you need is a medium pot, a strainer, and eggs. Click here to learn how to make the perfect poached eggs.

    5. Anda Bhurji (Spicy Indian Scrambled Eggs)

    In just a matter of minutes, you can transform traditional scrambled eggs into an Indian favorite that can be found in rest stops and street vendors across India, normally served in to-go containers alongside white bread. Skip boring scrambled eggs and in just 15 minutes, enjoy a meal of Indian cuisine.

    Ingredients include:
    Vegetable Oil, Onion, Tomatoes, Green Chili Peppers, Ginger-Garlic Paste, Red Chili Powder, Turmeric, Eggs, Salt, Unsalted Butter, Cilantro

    Click here to read the full recipe for Anda Bhurji.