• An outdoor barbecue offers the perfect space for you to demonstrate your professional grilling skills. Not only does it allow you to cook the perfect steak or burger, but it also lets you experiment with vegetables of all types. If you haven’t eaten grilled corn before, you don’t know what you’re missing!

    Knowing how to use a grill properly has its advantages. You don’t risk ruining an excellent cut of meat or the finest fresh produce because you lack the skills to barbecue masterfully. Instead, you impress everyone invited to your gathering with the most succulent steak and grilled vegetables they’ve ever sunk their teeth into.

    The following grilling tips enhance the flavor of the vegetables you serve at your next Springfield, IL barbecue, recommended by our professionals at Loukinens on 4th:

    • Toss the veggies with olive oil and a medley of seasonings. Plain salt and pepper do the trick but certain spices and herbs kick things up a notch. Experiment with different flavor profiles. You can bring out the natural earthiness of root vegetables easily by tossing them with fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme. Test out your most exciting combinations at the next barbecue you host and ask for everyone’s feedback.
    • Wrap them in foil packets to keep them from burning or drying out. Seal in the natural moisture of the vegetables by preparing them this way. It makes it easier to portion out servings of grilled veggies, too. If you have a big gathering with many mouths to feed, this one tip could save you time and sanity while serving as the grill master. You can simply put a packet on their plate and warn them to open it with caution because it is hot.
    • Drizzle some fat on them. A little butter goes a long way in enhancing the delicious quality of grilled veggies. So does olive oil. If you have access to infused herbed oils, they’re even better to use because the ingredient is very concentrated. You’ll get a whole lot of flavor by allowing the oil to cover the vegetables for at least an hour.

    Grill veggies the next time you have a barbecue. No one will be able to resist eating them because of the way you prepared them. Not only will the vegetables smell delicious on the grill, but they’ll also taste incredible because of the way you chose to slice and season them. The veggies will undoubtedly be a hit at future events, too.