• Super Foods to Add to Your Spring Recipes

    super foods for your recipes chatham illinoisNow that spring is finally here, it’s time to revamp your shopping list to include more super foods. When shopping in Chatham, IL, you’ll want to add as many of these sources of antioxidants to your diet. That way, you can look and feel your best without the need for supplements.

    To better understand what makes food ‘super,’ it’s important to get to know your body’s unique nutritional needs. It’s called bio-individuality, and it’s what makes you the person you are today in terms of the things you eat and how your body processes them. Opting to forgo convenience foods in favor of fresh fruits and vegetables is a great place for everyone to start in their pursuit of greater health.

    Some superfoods to add to your spring recipes prepared in Chatham, IL include:

    • Goji Berries – Move over, blueberries! There’s a new berry in town and its name is Goji! This miracle food has 12 times the antioxidants of its blue-colored family member and is just as delicious, too.
    • Kale – This versatile vegetable packs a protein punch and can be used to create a variety of meals and snacks. Fresh kale serves as the base for salads, can be added to soups or casseroles, and even makes a mean green smoothie.
    • Almonds – Full of vitamin E, calcium, and protein, this superfood rules the nut world. Almonds are great to snack on as well as used in salads, to make nut butter, and even to top baked goods with.
    • eating healthy chatham illinoisSpirulina – Containing more protein than meat, this blue-green algae has taken the world by storm in recent years. It’s among the best superfoods available. You can use it in smoothies and even put it into pesto.
    • Flaxseed – The small seeds are good for heart health because of the omega-3 fatty acids they contain. In addition to protein and fiber, they have magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and thiamine in them. Flaxseeds can be used to top oatmeal and to create a flax ‘egg’ which eliminates the need for poultry eggs in baked goods.

    Make healthy recipes using your favorite superfoods this spring. Now that you know the advantages that come with eating things such as goji berries, almonds, and spirulina, you’ll be more apt to include them on your shopping list. You’ll benefit from the increase of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your diet which helps you stay strong and healthy throughout the season.