• Best Tips for Food and Wine Pairings

    November 11, 2019
  • Food and Wine Pairing in Springfield, Illinois

    Most people that have paired wine and food can attest to the fact that it is not as tricky as they may have thought. Whether you are eating out at a restaurant or preparing a favorite meal at home, food and wine pairing has never been easier, thanks to these simple tips;

    Salt and acid go hand in handwine pairing with the right food springfield illinois

    If you are a fan of salty seafood, then a refreshing white wine will make the best accompaniment because salt and wine are best friends. You see, wines containing high acid bring out the saltiness in foods, giving you the chance to keep salivating.

    Tannins go well with fats

    You have just roasted a mouthwatering steak or rack of lamb, and there is a bottle of unopened red wine in your dining cabinet. The tannins in the red wine will combine with the fats to bring out the best pairing you have ever tasted.

    Go out of your way

    The rules when it comes to wine and food pairings are simple, but you can break them to suit your tastes and preferences. For far too long, people have thought red wine should be accompanied by fish, meat, or chicken. However, this can change if you are a serious pairing explorer. Once in a while, try a salmon and pair it with a glass of red wine and not necessarily white wine.

    Take pairings from the same origin

    Did you know that goat cheese, truffles, and pasta originate from the same place? Interestingly, these special meals make the perfect wine accompaniment. There is a reason why red or white wine can go well with a meal like pasta and the likes. It’s plain and simple; they grow side by side.

    Obey your taste

    You can taste all the fine wines on earth, but you will only enjoy what you love the most. Trying out new pairings is a clear sign that you love to explore new things. You can only drink and eat what arouses your taste buds.

    When it comes to pairing food and wine, the rules are not that strict. You are allowed to break the rules as long as it does not compromise your taste buds. You are also free to explore other options if you are the adventurous type. Most of Springfield, Illinois restaurants have different ideas for food and wine pairings to suit different food-wine enthusiasts.