• How Food Can Help Drive Networking at Your Springfield, IL Corporate Events

    July 23, 2019 | Blogs
  • Why do we serve food and beverages at meetings or other Springfield, IL corporate events? It is rare to attend an event that does not have a cuisine component, but why do we assume we will be fed when we attend an event? Hospitality is the answer to the question. The corporation, individual, or association responsible for the event is the “host.” Food is a natural form of basic hospitality. Therefore, the “host” of the event is responsible for providing food and beverages for the “guests” attending the event to enjoy.

    However, many corporations have allowed their budgets for catering to dwindle, and they treat catering for an occasion as an afterthought. This practice could hamper networking at the event. Sharing a meal is considered a time to fellowship, make connections, engage in conversation, and share ideas.

    Therefore, serving food at an event brings people together over a common experience and encourages networking. Ignoring the catering budget for your event could decrease the value of your event as a networking opportunity for attendees.

    food helps drive networking at corporate events

    How Does Food Drive Networking at Your Springfield, IL Corporate Event?

    The right catering service can help turn your next corporate events into a successful networking experience for your attendees. A few of the ways food can help encourage networking at your event are:

    • Ways to Begin Conversations — It can be difficult for some people to begin a conversation. However, if your caterer includes unique food or beverage selections, it gives attendees some conversation starters.
    • Encourages Movement — Attendees can be reluctant to leave their comfort zone or the group of people they already know. By using buffet tables or food stations, you encourage people to move around the room. Groups usually break apart to go to the buffet or food stations, thereby giving people a chance to begin conversations with other people. Another idea is to serve hors-d’oeuvres and beverages in a hall or other large areas to encourage people to mingle and move around more.
    • Themed Food Items — You can ask your caterer if there is a cuisine that can be tied into the subject of your seminar or event. Professional catering services have experience tying food options or menus to the focus of an event. By tying the food to the event, you give your attendees another topic for conversations.

    Boost Networking at Your Next Springfield, IL Corporate Event

    Instead of treating the cuisine for your event as another item on an extensive list of things you must complete preparing, you can hire a professional catering service to plan the food. Working with experienced caterers can help ensure your event is a networking success.

    The meeting and catering professionals at Loukinens’ on 4th can help encourage networking at your next corporate event by tailoring a meal or refreshments for optimum impact on networking. Our catering services can also lessen the stress of planning an event by removing a crucial item off your to-do list so that you can focus on other matters.