• What does it mean to be a professional Chef?

    July 22, 2019 | Blogs
  • There’s that one person almost all of us know; maybe you’re even that person. When they cook a dish, it’s almost always perfect. Dinner at their house is always a culinary experience to be remembered. They bring that one dish to every family gathering that’s gone before anyone can get seconds. Although they strictly cook at home, they have the makings of a professional chef. The thing is, there’s much more to being a professional chef than the ability to cook great food.

    what it means to be a professional chef

    Passion and Education

    One thing that separates the professional chef from the rest of us is the passion they have for food. A professional chef lives and breathes the art of making food. Even when asleep, they dream of new creative dishes. Passion is what drives the professional chef.

    A second thing that makes for a great professional chef is their education. Professional chefs usually must earn at least an associate’s degree, and sometimes even a bachelor’s degree, in order to progress. The best chefs typically come from top culinary schools in the country. Many attend highly ranked schools accredited by the American Culinary Federation. The chefs of Loukinens’ on 4th are no exception – they use culinary acumen to create new dishes that dazzle.

    culinary school to become a professional chef

    The Road to Becoming a Professional Chef

    After obtaining an education, an aspiring professional chef must gain practical experience. This means getting in on the ground floor. Many would-be professional chefs may train for years under a master chef in order to hone their skills. Finally, after paying one’s dues, one might be considered a professional chef. After that, to become known, a professional chef will have to utilize not only their skills but also their imagination to create dishes that wow the diners that they serve. Only then will they get a reputation worthy of being called a top chef.

    the road to being a professional chef

    What Does in Mean to Be a Professional Chef

    It means that you:

    • Have a passion for food
    • Have an education, generally from a top school
    • That you apprenticed under even better chefs
    • That you have the dedication to reach the top
    • That you have the imagination and creativity to create bold new dishes that encompass all you’ve learned
    fine dining with a professional chef

    Experience the Best in Fine Dining

    Loukinens’ on 4th across from the Governor’s mansion, is a penultimate upscale restaurant that promises a memorable and enjoyable experience in fine dining. Visit our website to browse culinary specialties crafted by our professional chefs. Then join us for some great food. You won’t be sorry.